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Hints and Tips for ADOBE CAMERA RAW

This page provides hints and tips for the use of AdobeCamera Raw software.

The tips should work regardless of whether you are using ACR with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

They are not in any particular order. New tips will be added to the end of the list in each sub-section.

The success of this service will depend upon the willingness of club members to contribute their ideas.

If you have a hint or tip that you would like to share please email it to the webmaster.

Updating Camera Raw

You can update to the latest version of Camera Raw by going to


Presets save time

You can save time processing images taken under the similar lighting conditions if you use presets. Open one of your images and make whatever adjustments are needed to white balance, exposure, contrast, etc., and then select Save Settings from the flyout menu (top right-hand corner of the adjustments window).

Give your preset a name and it will then appear in the Apply Preset submenu to allow you to apply this present to similar images.

If you apply the preset to a particular image and find that it is "not quite right" you can fine tune the adjustments on that image.


ESC can get you into trouble

If you select some tools in Camera Raw (such as the Crop tool) and make an adjustment you can undo that adjustment by pressing the Esc key. However, at most other times, pressing the Esc key will close Camera Raw and you will lose whatever adjustments you have made - so be careful. It pays to experiment with this in advance so that you know exactly when you can use the Esc key safely inside Camera Raw.





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